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Safe House and Empowerment

Safe House for Female Youth Survivors of Sex-Trafficking 
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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Central Texas. We were founded to assist survivors of human trafficking within the United States. We will provide a physical home for youth who have otherwise been classified as “throw-aways.” It will be a safe place to heal, learn, grow, and dream. Children who have only known abuse, betrayal, and exploitation will learn how to make healthy choices, how to interact appropriately with others, and be given the skills necessary to live independently and successfully.

Mission & Vision

SHE is Freedom aims to serve female youth survivors of domestic minor trafficking and exploitation.

We define our success by meeting the immediate needs of our clients, but with our own resources and through connection to further community resources. Our success is further defined moving our clients into either long-term treatment facilities or reuniting them with safe caregivers.


Our name comes from the idea that every survivor of exploitation should take possession of their opportunity to be free. Freedom and strength cannot be forced on anyone; these attributes can only be chosen by an individual. Our organization exists to make those options possible. Every girl who has decided to leave "the life" behind is the personification of the liberty she has chosen: She is Freedom.


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"[IJM is] deeply encouraged by the work you and others are doing on behalf of the oppressed!"

Gary Haugen, CEO of International Justice Mission

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