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We need volunteers!

Some of the jobs we have for volunteers include:

  • Church outreach: Are you a member of a church in Waco? We need you to help us reach out so we can raise awareness, set up booths, and fundraise! Many churches in Waco would love to help trafficking victims, but aren't sure how. You can be our outreach person and help us communicate with the church community in Waco.

  • Community outreach: Do you volunteer with other Waco organizations? We can use your help networking with other nonprofits. Because there is no place for survivors to go, other Waco nonprofits have to find ways to help them. Connecting us with other community organizations can help the survivors and organizations. 

  • Fundraising: We have found a location for a drop-in center! But we need to fundraise so we can open it as soon as possible! If you have any experience fundraising or have any ideas, let us know.

  • Research: We need people to help us research laws, regulations, etc. If you have any experience or enjoy researching, let us know!

  • Farmers Market table: We will be setting up a table at the Farmers Market and need volunteers to work selling t-shirts, bracelets, window clings, and fundraising. 

Are you interested in any of these opportunities? Fill out the form below and let us know what you are interested in.

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